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Fast-track the Quantum-Era

By combining the finest quantum engineering with a scalable state-of-the-art industry foundation, Anyon is accelerating and delivering the most advanced critical quantum technologies on an unprecedented scale.



The Foundation for Quantum-Era

Officially launched in 2021, we position ourselves as the hardware enabler for the industry. We are determined to solve the scalability challenges of critical quantum technologies that could change the world in the coming years.


So far, we have brought together the brightest minds from around the world and delivered industry-first quantum technologies with microchip implementations across integrated photonics and superconducting platforms.

Our efforts will not stop here. Amazing products are coming soon to enable our partners and transform the industry.

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Scalability Focused

We focus on pioneering quantum technologies that can be scaled to support useful applications and deliver impacts to the World soon. We design and produce quantum processors with our proprietary scalable architecture and manufacturing processes to unlock powerful quantum computation in the near term. Furthermore, our advanced quantum processors are powered by an in-house high-density scalable integrated electronics system that uses state-of-the-art firmware for executing quantum instructions compiled from user programs in real-time. Our bottom up approach to engineering scalable quantum information processing servers guarantees delivery of high performance future proof end-to-end quantum system solutions to our clients who are seeking the system that can help them stay ahead.


We redefine how a quantum company can better serve and revolutionize the quantum information processing community today, instead of tomorrow. We are a comprehensive product and service provider for the quantum computing industry, from in-house advanced quantum processors, proprietary control electronics, to complete self-contained pre-built quantum computing systems. Most importantly, we are focusing on not only delivering critical technologies that power tomorrow's computation but also producing integrated photonics quantum-limit sensors that could fundamentally change human-machine interactions in virtual and augmented world.


Not limited to innovating at the silicon level and control plane, we are also eager to share our expertise in cryogenics and full-system engineering with the community. We offer pre-built quantum computer solutions that are ready-to-go for our customers who are eager to experience the full power of a world-leading quantum computer without having to wait in line for cloud services. Inspired by today's classical server industry, our pre-built solutions are self-contained. Without having to be experts in cryogenics or low-temperate microwave physics, our customers could enjoy the benefits of programming a quantum computer. Our technology offers the new experience of accelerated discovery in the most challenging problems, such as identifying new materials, finding new medicine, creating powerful artificial intelligence, and more. We are excited to see the new achievement our customers can approach with the help of our quantum system. We believe it takes a whole vibrant developer-user community to drive the development of quantum computing in solving real problems.



We are interested in solving real-life problems in the NISQ-era, these problems in general rely on creating large-scale entanglement between a number of qubits at high fidelity. Others seek to improve fixed low connectivity quantum processors that require cascading numerous imperfect nearest neighbor two-qubit gates. However, this approach needs a prohibitive large leap in nearest neighbor gate fidelity to generate an useful entanglement on-chip. We engineer quantum processors (Quantum Silicon) that could intrinsically allow hardware efficient programming of a nearly arbitrary connectivity graph in real-time, to generate the desired entanglement states with significantly fewer operations. This innovative architecture empowers us to deliver timely and efficient quantum services to customers and powerful Quantum Silicon that can produce game-changing results.

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Even with our most powerful Quantum Silicon Architecture, we are limited to about 50 high-quality fully controlled qubits per Quantum Silicon. Our proprietary Quantum Cluster technology can scale up our quantum processors to 1000 qubits in the near-term for delivering world changing quantum computation power to our clients soon. It entangles multiple high-quality multi-qubit Quantum Silicons with a near ideal entanglement fidelity. We built and experimented a Quantum Cluster with this unique capability to solve the bottleneck on scaling up superconducting quantum processors for real-life problems.



We have developed our in-house scalable solutions for advanced active real-time quantum control of our Quantum Silicon and Quantum Cluster. Our firmware is flexible and compatible with several open source protocols through easy-to-use APIs. We developed the technologies primarily for integration with our turnkey quantum servers, to power our scalable quantum computing architecture with real-time feedback controls. Now, we are excited to share them as an exciting product with the quantum application developer community, to together accelerate the quantum era.



All low-temperature quantum systems output results to users in extremely weak quantum signals. Without amplifiers, the signals are impossible to be perceived. Quantum limit amplifier is the ultimate enabler for operating a quantum computer. We created our own high-performance quantum limit amplifiers to support our own quantum computers. Furthermore, we would also like to share our quantum amplifiers with the  community as the sole commercial supplier on the market. Our robust 20-30dB wideband amplification operate at quantum limit, with minimal added noise in microwave band, and are capable of powering various quantum information processing technologies.



Combining the state-of-the-art integrated photonics and 3D integration technologies developed in our pursue of scaling up distributed quantum network on existing optical fiber network, we produced the world's smallest high-precision inertial sensors operating at room temperature. These quantum-limit sensors can be manufactured in commercial CMOS integrated photonics foundries at scale. They are the enablers of a vast number of AR/VR applications and urban service robotics. This technology brings the quantum-limit motion tracking experience to everyday life, and we believe it will fundamentally impact how human interact with the virtual/augmented world and autonomous service robotics.



Working Together

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