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Bring Quantum Supercomputing to the World

Anyon Technologies delivers a comprehensive, vertically integrated solution of large-scale quantum supercomputing infrastructure for enabling transformative real-life quantum-enhanced applications, reshaping the future of computing.  We developed a suite of proprietary foundation technologies, ranging from large-scale modular quantum processors, cryogenic technologies optimized for quantum computing, to scalable real-time quantum control electronics, and integration with the world's most powerful accelerated computing systems, supporting quantum software and application developers and end-users today and tomorrow.

Vertically Integrated to Innovate and Scale

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Turnkey Quantum Server

Powering leading industry quantum application discoveries and co-deploying with high-performance computing infrastructure.

  • Proprietary high qubit-count, low error-rate modular quantum computing architecture, powering near-term trailblazing discoveries and real-world application development

  • Proprietary programmable real-time quantum control electronics, enabling advanced algorithms with active error reduction

  • Proprietary quantum application environment, natively supported by the underlying integrated quantum control and quantum processor

  • Sustained operation, maintenance, and upgrade service subscriptions, keeping the system online and state-of-the-art for serious quantum application development and services


Working Together

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