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The Foundation for Quantum-Era

Since we launched Anyon Computing Inc. in the US and Anyon Technologies Pte Ltd in Singapore with founding members from A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology and Research and leading quantum device research groups of Caltech and University of California, Berkeley, our team has been at the forefront of creating and integrating foundation quantum technologies for scaling up quantum computing infrastructure to power advanced quantum researches and high-impact enterprise applications. By focusing on the core challenges and bottlenecks prohibiting current quantum computing systems from scaling, we aim at building a solid quantum supercomputing foundation for enabling quantum software and applications to deliver transformative impacts to the world in coming years and reshape the computing industry together.

From 2021, Anyon Technologies has developed and tested world-leading quantum control electronics and custom cryogenics, essential for operating our large-scale modular quantum processors. We are also thrilled to support key partners in the US, Korea, Europe, and other regions of the world in the transition towards post-quantum era and a new paradigm of supercomputing powering highly generalizable AI, on-demand drug discovery, and chemical by design.

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